liz silverman–platt founder of baby steps

Liz Silverman–Platt has over four years of personal experience in the field of infertility. Following her immense struggles to have a baby, Liz took her overwhelming compassion for the Intended Parents: her desire for their protection, and her deep knowledge of the infertility process and founded Baby Steps Fertility.

Prior to Baby Steps Fertility, Liz worked in the music industry for more than 20 years. She marketed records and artists for such major labels as Warner Brother Records, Sony Music, and Lionsgate.

Through Baby Steps Fertility, Liz blends her wealth of business savvy, tenacity, and professionalism with her own personal experiences in infertility, to guide the Intended Parents through the emotional, physical and financial struggles of creating a family. You will be encouraged by Liz’s passion and strengthened by her commitment. Liz is the Intended Parents’ complete resource, from inception to conception, and for all the challenges in between.

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